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Soul Centred Counselling

Soul Centred Counselling

My book  So Now I Get It  provides a completely new way of looking at the human psyche derived from learning from my clients rather than from text books. Books are sometimes written by people who may be better at writing than counselling; people who have higher cognitive intelligence but not necessarily high emotional intelligence. 

It is primarily aimed at any and every person who has ever has had an emotional problem, which is probably around 6 billion people.

It is also aimed at all mental health practitioners to help them understand and support their clients better. It describes the bases on which Soul Centred Counselling is built.


In the meantime, I will use my blog to talk about it.  Please feel free to send me comments using the Contact Box.


To begin with, here are some items I have published:


Meditation Can Transform Your Life: - Mental Health

Demonstrates Soul Centred Counselling.

Presentation on Trauma.  

Introducing Soul Centred Counselling.

Circle Diagram is at the core of

Soul Centred Counselling 

Your experiences elsewhere 

I was suffering from a lot of pressure at work. After 2 years waiting, one of the first things the NHS counsellor wanted to know was the names of my grandchildren. I had not mentioned family. It went down from there.


I was worried about my husband gambling away the house so we went to counselling. The therapist seemed to affirm his actions, so he continued. We lost the house.


After a very long wait, I took my teenager to a CAMHS assessment. The counsellor spent the time talking about her own holidays. I complained but nothing happened.

I was sent for Trauma CBT after a rape. The therapist made me recall the incident every session. I was continually being traumatised. It was horrible.

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