Research on Mental Health Treatment

50% effective = 50% ineffective.

In 2017, BMC Psychiatry published a report on counsellor performance using the NHS’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) scheme data. It found that: 

‘It is of concern that half of all patients, regardless of type of intervention, did not show reliable improvement’.

Short Term Effect   

A BACP metastudy in 2008 by Hill A et al. ‘Counselling in primary care: a systematic review of the evidence’  

the advantages of counselling were only sustained at 4.5 months.


Efficacy of counselling in the longer term (nine to 18 months)

Bower and Rowland (2006) found that the advantages of counselling in the short term were not sustained over a longer time period.

Damage Done

National audit of psychological Therapies 2013 RCPsychiatry     

Reported that some 5% of clients experienced lasting bad effects from therapy.