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My Approach

We all visit our GPs from time to time with physical ailments, some of which we might tell our friends about and some which we would rather not.  Similarly, we have psychological problems from time to time. Then we need to see a competent counsellor. So if you are feeling that life could be a bit better, or even a lot better, then the counselling I offer may provide the answer. Your problems might seem almost impossible to tackle, or it may be just long term chronic unhappiness. I am interested in supporting you, whatever your emotional condition and whatever its cause. 

Suicidal thoughts

Coercive Control





Domestic Violence



Work related stress



Self harm


Low self-confidence

Gender issues

Post psychotic conditions

Sexual issues

Relationship problems

Aspergers support

Personality disorders


Chronic fatigue syndrome

So when you think you have run out of people who will listen to the hard things in your life, I can be there for you. I try to meet new clients quickly. My primary aim is always to help you. I work most weekdays including evenings.

Whatever ails you, feel free to contact me for a chat. There is no obligation. You can use the Contact Page or go to my web page in the Counselling Directory. Let me know how to contact you and when, so I can get back to you and tell you a little about counselling in general and my service in particular. If you then want to know more, we could arrange to meet. If not, we can leave it at that. However, I do find that clients invariably benefit from the service, even if they come convinced it will not work for them. Many have been disappointed by therapy in the past, but virtually all find this method helpful. 

I am usually able to see new clients within a few days.

My normal charge is £40 for a nominal hour for individuals and £65 for couples and families.

I will consider a reduced fee in case of hardship.

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